And "happy and relaxed" Looking for Angelina Jolie for the first time after the divorce of Brad Pitt Drama

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It seems that Angelina Jolie does everything to get a sense of normalcy for their children!

On Sunday, Jolie and her children, except for the 15-year-old Maddox hit the beach in Malibu for family fun. The brother of actor James Haven also along for a ride.

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In the photo, the mother put me in a low-profile appearance with a pair of sunglasses, shoes and sweater loose packing. Let's say it was just a perfect outfit for a beautiful day on the beach with their babies!

According to observers, the group could not see more content, and stumbled into the water and sand. In fact, one observer noted as "happy and relaxed" appeared Angie.

Well, suppose the temporary custody solution AJ ex Brad Pitt trick! Now it is easier for the activist to have legal weight ...

Regarding the kiddos, the source also had good news to share, open online ET Online:

"The children were running and seemed cheerful and happy." Zahar went to the beach, running water.

Aww! How nice.

Here's hoping the family there are many happy days ago - have won!

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